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Terms and Conditions
CIS 2023 Terms and Conditions

RISE, a regional corporate innovation powerhouse, is proud to present the Corporate Innovation Summit 2023 (“CIS 2023”) including its relating activities or events (“Events”). The following terms and conditions apply to you and any party you are registering on their behalf (“Attendees”) and all CIS 2023 materials including but not limited to CIS 2023 website, physical or digital materials, flyer, documents, booklets, badges, tickets, passes and gifts (collectively, “Credential(s)”). By buying tickets or obtaining any Credential to the CIS 2023, it is deemed you agree to these terms and conditions and other relevant policies, which are incorporated herein.


RISE, including its official agents and representatives, is the only creator, seller and distributor of CIS 2023 Credentials. Other credentials not created or received from RISE, CIS 2023 website or official agents or representatives will be considered invalid. RISE reserves the right to pursue any and all legal action against any person or entity involved in unauthorized credentials.


All CIS 2023 Credentials are the sole property of RISE. CIS 2023 Credentials may not be used as a prize or incentive in any form of promotion, contest, or competition without advance written approval from RISE.


Refund Policy. RISE does not issue refunds under any circumstances or any reason, including, but not limited to, failure to use Credentials due to illness, acts of God, travel-related problems, acts of terrorism, loss of employment and/or duplicate purchases. Unused Credentials cannot be transferred to future years or other events. However, Refund Request can be made with the condition and will be validated by committee on case by case basis.


Tickets. CIS 2023 tickets are necessary for the Attendees to attend and reserve for workshop RSVP, subject to the terms and conditions of ticket types, but cannot guarantee attendance or reservation to every CIS 2023 Events. Attendance or reservation to CIS 2023 Events and side events is subject to venue capacity and in compliance with local laws. Use of CIS 2023 tickets by anyone other than the authorized individual will result in revocation of such ticket without a refund.


Venue. Age restrictions may be imposed for venue. Venues may have their restrictions such as limiting entry with certain food, beverages, or other items. Also, for security reason, the premises presenting CIS 2023 Events may check the bags and belongings of Attendee before allowing entry into a venue.


Photographs and Video. Photographs/digital images/video recording taken by official CIS 2023 photographers and videographers at the Events may include Attendee’s image, name, voice and/or other information. By attending or participating CIS 2023 events, each Attendee hereby grants RISE permission to utilize such recorded materials by official CIS 2023 photographers and videographers for any purpose, including but not limited to commercial purpose, without compensation to any Attendee, in any and all media. Attendee further acknowledge and agrees to CIS 2023 Attendee Photo and Video Policy.


Each Attendee understands that attending or participating in the CIS 2023 Events is voluntary and may involve certain risks of physical injury, damage to property, and other damages or losses that may be sustained by an Attendee. Each Attendee assumes all risk of damages, property loss, and personal injury which may occur by participating in the Events. In no event shall RISE be liable to any Attendee, or any other person or entity for any personal injury or damages to property, damages for loss of business profits or opportunities or other pecuniary loss, including any direct, consequential, incidental, special, punitive or similar damages, arising out of any Attendee’s use of the registration, credentials and/or participation in the events, even if RISE has been informed of the possibility of such damages.


Except as may be expressly set forth in these terms, Attendee’s participation in the Events, and all relating products or services provided in connection with the events, are provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, and no other warranties, whether express, implied, or otherwise, are made with respect to the same, including any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or safety, or any warranties that may arise from course of dealing. RISE expressly disclaims any warranties not expressly stated herein.


Each Attendee (each an “Indemnifying Party”) agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold RISE and its officers, employees, volunteers, contractors, suppliers, and representatives harmless from and against any and all claims, demands and all other liabilities, including, but not limited to, costs and attorneys’ fees, made by any third party arising out of or in connection with the Indemnifying Party’s use of the registration(s) or Credentials, or any violation of the Terms by the Indemnifying Party.


The Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of the kingdom of Thailand, without regard to its principles of conflicts of laws. Each Attendee and RISE hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Thai courts located in Bangkok, Thailand and agrees that any such court will be the proper forum for the determination of any dispute arising hereunder.


Each Attendee has read, understands, and agrees to this Terms and Conditions and other policies, which are incorporated herein by this reference.


The CIS 2023 website may use cookies as a collection tool for data, along with other data that you share with RISE to tailor marketing to your interests, deliver the goods/services you purchase/subscribe from/with us, and to enhance and customize your experience on the CIS 2023 website and at the Events.


RISE reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to each Attendee, so we recommend each Attendee to check back and review the Terms and Conditions from time to time. In the event that any term or provision of the Terms and Conditions shall be deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, such term or provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining term or provision.

Attendees Photo and Video Policy

Attendees are permitted to use their hand-held cameras and/or smart phones to take photograph/digital images at the CIS 2023 and within other events hosted by RISE for personal and non-commercial usage. Photographs/digital images captured by Attendees may not be published, sold, reproduced, distributed or otherwise commercially utilized in any manner whatsoever.

Video recordings/social media live streaming are not permitted at any time. By attending CIS 2023 and Events, attendees consent to having your photo/image captured by official CIS 2023 photographers and videographers. The materials (captured photographs, video and audio recordings may be used by CIS 2023 and RISE, without restriction, in news or promotional materials, on the CIS 2023 website and other relevant properties.