Deep Dive 100+ Hands-on Workshops at CIS 2020 LIVE

Featuring 100+ hands-on workshops, Corporate Innovation Summit 2020 LIVE goes beyond the typical webinars to host ‘Virtual Experiential Conference,’ designed to equip you with mindset, skill sets, and toolset essential to bring your vision to life through innovation amid a crisis. 

To prepare for the post-crisis world, we believe that experiential learning represents the best, most effective way to learn, with the most actionable results. CIS 2020 LIVE gives you an unprecedented opportunity to learn from some of the world’s most knowledgeable and influential business leaders through 100+ hands-on workshops. Here are some of our highlight workshops:

1. Lean Startup In-depth for Practitioners

By Eric Ries, New York Bestselling Author, The Lean Startup and The Startup Way

2. Challenging Traditional HR Practices: How to Motivate and Retain Talents in the Fast-Changing World?

By Patty McCord, Former Chief Talent Officer, Netflix

3. Data Dilemma - Prepare Your Workforce for the Cultural Shift of the Future

By Andreas Weigend, Former Chief Scientist, Amazon

4. Hands-on Visual Innovation for Breakthrough Success

Dan Roam, Visual Thinker & New York Times’ bestselling author of The Back of the Napkin

5. How to Lead a Cultural Transformation

By Scott Anthony, Senior Partner, Innosight & Author of Dual Transformation

6. Be Yourself, But Better: How to Become An Authentic Leader

By Rashmi Sharma, Global Learning & Wellbeing, Unilever (SEA&NZ)

7. Corporate Investment in Chinese Innovation Ecosystem: Lessons Learned from China

By William Bao Bean, General Partner at SOSV, Managing Director of Chinaccelerator

8. Human-Centered Design for Women’s Health & Innovation

Sukhita Karthi, Human-centered Designer, Stanford University

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