We Ensure Your Safety at CIS2020

At Corporate Innovation Summit, we are on a mission to offer a highly experiential and hands-on environment, designed to give you the skill sets and mindset to bring your vision to life and drive your organization forward. However, we need to make sure that once you step foot into our conference, it’s with the most full set of safety measures designed to help keep you safe.

Your health and safety, and that of all event attendees, remains our top priority. 

In order to do that, we are working closely with Thai Government, Ministry of Public Health of Thailand to manage a complete list of safety measures.

The measures include:

We will provide updates and make sure that we will give you the best experience with hygiene, so that each attendee can have the peace of mind to focus on the session at CIS, not worrying about their safety.

Until the date comes, if you have any particular questions, please connect us at cis@riseaccel.com