4 Reasons Why You Should Join CIS 2020

There are several compelling reasons why should you care about the upcoming Corporate Innovation Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, and not least because Southeast Asia now offers unprecedented and unparalleled business opportunities with a global outlook, which means that whether you are in anywhere else in the world, this is the place to be. Attending CIS 2020 will not only give you the chance to network with some of the region’s most influential leaders and learn from world-class speakers, workshop leaders, and exhibitors, but it will expand your horizon into an innovative territory never before chartered. So, if you have ever thought about doing business in Southeast Asia, then you owe it to yourself to at the very least find out more about what this unique conference has to offer.


1. As a Gateway to the World’s Most Dynamic Emerging Tech Ecosystem


Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, are some of the world’s fastest-growing economies and internet economies in the world. By 2025, the region’s combined economy is set to reach $300 billion, fuelled by one of the world’s most youthful population who are increasingly becoming wealthy, as well as increasingly connected. The 360-million-strong-and-rapidly-growing Southeast Asian internet users are some of the most engaging, with the average user in Thailand spending more than 5 hours per day on their mobile internet, whereas the average time in the region is close to 4 hours per day, compared to the global average is around 3 hours, according to a HootSuite study. It is no wonder, then, that mobile apps are extremely popular, not only for apps from the titans of the industries, but for local, homegrown startups and a myriad of smaller, specialized creators, especially in logistics, such as ride-hailing apps, and E-commerce.


These developments are really just the beginning, as Southeast Asia’s population embraces the internet, mobile devices, and e-commerce at an even larger scale in the near future. CIS2020 is the one conference that can serve as a shortcut to learn and connect with the dynamic SE Asia Ecosystem as we bring all the CEOs and Top Executives who are the movers and shakers, creators and disruptors of SE Asia in one place only for you.


2. As a Snapshot of the Latest Global Innovation Movements


CIS2020 covers a wide range of topics, all of which are the themes driving global innovations forward. The 5 key themes presented are extremely relevant to anyone anywhere who wishes to stay ahead of the curve to emerge in the new post-disruption world. Five key themes include: 



Interesting as they are, the above are just some of the workshops and keynotes offered under each theme. Many more are waiting for you!


3. As a Hands-on Classroom to Learn from World-class Industry Leaders


CIS2020 gives you an unprecedented opportunity to learn from some of the region’s most knowledgeable and influential business leaders. To prepare for the post-disruptive world, we believe that experiential learning represents the best, most effective way to learn, with the most actionable results. In CIS2020, Asia’s largest experiential conference, you won’t just be passive listeners in your seat, but will actively participate and interact with the 20,000 CEOs and top executives from every industry and more than 200 world-class speakers. Rub shoulders with decision-makers from Southeast Asia and all over the world, as well as getting the inside scoop on the latest trends and developments in business innovation from experts who are putting these principles into practice. Then, be a part of over 450 startup showcases, where you will learn from some of the world’s most innovative startups whose new technology and business models will be on display. Last and not least, acquire the right mindset, skillset, and toolset by attending more than 240 workshops run by certified coaches and thought leaders. All these, to give you the best way, the only way, to learn.


4. As a Unique Opportunity for Networking with Movers and Shakers 


Networking session has always been the highlight of RISE-held events and CIS conferences are not an exception. CEOs, startups entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, media personnel and all attendees alike can bring along their individual ideas and perspectives to make this session a must for any person or organization looking to establish a connection to communicate and exchange their thoughts. Striking out on your own and conducting research into doing business here in South East Asia is one thing, but there is nothing quite like having form a connection to people and potential partner that, together, you and they can be propelled to a height greater than any one person can reach by themselves.


CIS2020 is designed for networking. By the nature of experiential workshops, you will be interacting with presenters and other attendees. Unlike other conferences, where only a handful of famous and successful guest speakers and attendees are featured and are often so much in-demand that getting to meet them is akin to winning a top prize, CIS2020 is filled to the brim with the movers and shakers of industries, giving you more opportunities to communicate and connect. In case you opt for the Inner Circle Pass, you will be able to enjoy an even greater opportunity to networks, such as being seated alongside CEOs and other esteemed guests at the CEO Reception Dinner.


Plus a Chance to be Inspired by CIS2020’s Many Fascinating Side Events


The side events at CIS2020 need not be sidelined, and they are held in partnerships with leading companies, universities, and innovative organizations, which make them in many ways just as exciting and informative as the main features. Please note that these events take place between 12 - 20 September, before - during - after the actual CIS2020 conference, so you’ll have to arrive early to attend them. This gives you a good reason to spend a full week and get more out of your stay in Bangkok! Events include:


● CEO Reception Dinner

● 500 Startup x RISE: VC Unlocked Bangkok

● Masterclass: Intensive workshop with world-class speakers

○ Pop-Up Pitch Masterclass with Dan Roam, International Bestselling Author and Visual Expert

○ Design For Behavior Change Master Class with Yu-Kai Chou, Pioneer, Author, International Speaker on Gamification and Behavior Design

○ The Responsibility Process®: Leading & Coaching by Christopher Avery, CEO, Partnerwerks

○ The Responsibility Process®: Powerful Teams by Christopher Avery, CEO, Partnerwerks

○ Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results by Barry O’Reilly, Author, Unlearn and Lean Enterprise

● Gathering & Meetups

○ Ivy League Gathering & Wine Tasting

○ Tsinghua Alumni Gathering

○ Stanford Alumni Gathering


Corporate Innovation Summit 2020 is held from 15 - 17 September 2020 in several central locations in Bangkok, Thailand; Centara Grand @CentralWorld, InterContinental Bangkok, and Gaysorn Urban Resort. Several tiers of tickets are available but are going fast, including Standard Pass, VIP Pass, and Inner Circle Pass. Don’t miss the chance of the future, get your ticket now at cis.riseaccel.com.