5 Highlight Workshops That You Cannot Afford to Miss at CIS 2020

Corporate Innovation Summit 2020 (CIS 2020) is Asia’s Largest Experiential Conference focusing on learning mindsets, skill sets, and toolsets through 240+ hands-on workshops in order to answer the real questions of all innovators – ‘HOW’ can I lead and execute corporate innovation, and not just ‘WHY’ should I be serious about driving innovation?

Here are 5 highlight workshops that you cannot afford to miss at CIS 2020.

Lean Startup In-depth for Practitioners by Eric RiesNew York Times Bestselling Author, The Lean Startup, and The Startup Way 

From a New York Times Bestseller, “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries, a distinguished entrepreneur and an author from San Francisco, came The Lean Startup Methodology, a global movement startup methodology that is transforming how individuals and companies built and launched new products. The Lean Startup emphasizes experimentation over elaboration of planning, customer feedback over intuition, and redesign over traditional ‘big design upfront’ development. In his career, Ries has founded a number of startups, including IMVU where he served as CTO, and has advised on business and product strategy for startups, venture capital firms, and large companies including GE. He is also the founder and CEO of the Long Term Stock Exchanged and served as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Harvard Business School, IDEO, and Pivotal. During the workshop with Eric, you will have a chance to have a conversation and get a Q&A with the Father of Lean Startup himself.

PIXAR’s Creative Process for Innovation by Ed Catmull, Co-founder and Former President, PIXAR

Dr. Ed Catmull is co-founder of world-renowned Pixar Animation Studios, former president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Disneytoon Studios, and has been honored with five Academy Awards®. His book, “Creativity”, co-written with Amy Wallace, is the refinement of the ideas and management techniques Ed uses as his principles to develop a creative culture within the esteemed institutions he has worked with. During the workshop, Ed will unlock your creative process for better work, including content marketing. He will also be outlining his habit of being innovative in legendary animation studios. Participants will be granted an all-access trip into the heart of Pixar Animation Studios, into meetings, postmortems, and the “Braintrust” session, where the most successful films in history have been made. Don’t miss this chance and find out the three big lessons on how to unlock and inspire our creativity in the content creation process.

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon, New York Times Bestselling Author, Steal Like An Artist

“Steal Like An Artist” the New York Times bestseller by Austin Kloen, a writer, a speaker, and an artist from Ohio. Kloen is a writer whose book has been translated into over two dozen languages, and who, in his own words, “draws. [He] make art with words and books with pictures.”. He points out that nothing is original, and instead you should school yourself with the work of others, remix and reimagine them to discover your full potential on your own path of an artist. His work has been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, PBS Newshour, TIME, The Atlantic, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. During his workshop, he will be outlining his in-depth and range of experience as a creator and illustrate his manifesto for his creativity in the digital age with his 10 transformative principles to help you discover your artistic side and apply it to your organization.

Radical Listening for Sustainable Innovation by Kinari Webb, Founder, Health In Harmony

Doctor Kinari Webb is the founder of Health in Harmony, an organization with a mission to save the rainforest and improve healthcare, “a healthy planet for all.” Dr. Webb graduated from Yale University’s School of Medicine with honors and completed her residency in family medicine at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez, California. Her Health in Harmony co-designs the healthcare system and integrates economic development work with local communities. Her resounding successes within this field, guided by her mantra of ‘Radical Listening’, has seen her receiving numerous accolades and awards. In Dr.Webb’s workshop, you will learn radical listening techniques and answering the question, “what could you do if you truly knew how to listen?”, which has led her to make the world a better place. This will help you transform both your personal life, your business, your community, and even the world at large. 

Mission 2050: Designing Smart and Soft Cities by Mary McBride, Chair of Design Management, Pratt School of Art

Professor Mary McBride, MA and Ph.D. graduate from NYU’s Graduate School of Business, has a mission: to design smart and soft cities by 2050. Her works attempt to answer a pressing question of, ‘how tech and wellbeing can join force to create a sustainable future?’ Chair of the Arts and Cultural Management and Design Management graduate programs in Pratt’s School of Art, Prof. McBride has worked tirelessly to coach major organization worldwide on marketing, strategic planning, design management, operations analysis, and organizational development, and she also collaborates with non-profits such as community service agencies, arts organizations, hospitals, schools, and foundations, as well as working with various governments around the world. Her research focuses on leadership development and education and on developing the personal, organizational and systemic capacity for creative experimentation, innovation and change. In Professor McBride’s workshop, we will explore how cities can innovate into hi-tech sustainable urban zones while also fostering deep human connection, exchange, wellbeing, and creativity through the built environment.

Come and take part in the workshops that will equip you with the mindset and toolbox that will allow you to lead the way into the future. And whether you want an inspiration for new ideas in business development and collaboration or for experiential learning, making new connections, and taking part in knowledge exchange, CIS 2020 has all on offer and much more, making it the one event in 2020 that you TRULY cannot afford to miss! Book your ticket now at cis.riseaccel.com to save US$400 off until 15 February 2020.