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Asia’s First Experiential Conference: What to expect from Corporate Innovation Summit 2019?

It’s the first time ever for Asia to have an experiential conference, and you might be wondering how that stands out from other typical tech summit. Just imagine the time you’re able to engage with global innovators and best-selling authors like Alexander Osterwalder and Dan Roam to solve your company's biggest challenges, or, to re-design your strategic approach with the founders and CEOs of unicorns like Forrest Li from SEA Group to implement innovative framework into your business model.

The interactive and practical workshops are our highlights, where you’ll get to put visual thinking and various frameworks into actions.

For the first time ever, instead of just sitting down and listening to famous speakers for merely inspirational stories, you’ll be able to interact with creators of theories and industry leaders to accelerate your potential to the next level - these are the kind of hands-on experiences we are bringing you on this coming March.


Be ready to expect:


  1. Immense learning from world-class innovation leaders

We’ve hand-picked our pool of speakers and coaches just for you, from disruptive business executives in leading global organizations to best-selling authors who’ve helped businesses scale and sustain innovatively. Here’s our first batch speakers:






These are just a small portion of our speakers, there’ll be more to come!


2. Outcome-driven and highly interactive workshops

The world is rapidly evolving in this digital era. Embracing the change and adapting to it are essential towards sustaining an organization. Before anything else, it has to start with the people and the culture within the workplace. During the 2 days, the summit is going to feature 40+ hands-on workshops, 60+ keynotes and panelists and 15+ mentoring clinics that will transform mindset and skillset, which when leveraged by organizations, will lead to actionable outcomes. The workshops are core components to the summit where you will learn the most about collaboration and co-creation within an organization. You’ll learn about how visual thinking can stimulate innovation, building a culture of innovation, harnessing innovation through strategic M&A and many other key tools that drive innovation. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with other corporate innovators.


3. New ideation and concepts for implementation

Innovation always sparks when we do things differently from the traditional approach. Big corporations can no longer stand on their own, and in order to keep the company growing, firms have been finding different ways to be more innovative, be it building their own innovation lab, outsourcing external accelerator programs, or working with startups. There’ll be a few sessions which will get participants to create new ideas and implementation tools to solve their organization’s biggest challenges. The summit is also a great way for innovators to grasp the different methodology used by business leaders in the US and Europe to better comprehend the wide scope of innovation.


4. Insights into the innovation ecosystem

Intensive learning and practicing the tools from the workshops will help you gain a clearer understanding of the key trends of innovation and ways to leverage innovation within your organization. Innovation does not only happen within the private sector, but the government also plays a big part in setting the direction to drive forward the ecosystem within its nation. Each player within the organization has a role to play. If you want to know more about how venture capital can work together with corporates, there’ll be a session for that. Government & policy, corporate accelerator, M&A and deep tech are also huge focuses of the summit.


CIS 2019 is going to disrupt the way big corporates embrace innovation. It's not going to be a sit-and-listen keynote session, because you can get those from YouTube anyway, but rather, we'll have those innovation-triggering workshops and exclusive mentoring clinics that will help corporate innovators solve their biggest challenges and more importantly, re-ignite their innovative capacity.

See you there!


Vanessa Techapichetvanich

Community and Partnership Manager

Corporate Innovation Summit 2019